EC Speech Therapy, a division of ElderCom of Clear Lake, Inc. is the creation of speech language pathologist Toni Turner. In June 2003, her mother was diagnosed with dementia. Bombarded with questions from distraught family members, Toni realized there was a need for professional consulting services to address the many issues that arise when a loved one is diagnosed with dementia or other communication disorders. It soon became apparent that League City had a need for pediatric services too. The scope of practice was expanded to include all ages.


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EC Speech Therapy

... is dedicated to the assessment and therapeutic management of communication, cognition and swallowing disorders of people of all age groups. Communication partners are also provided with training in an emotionally supportive and relaxing atmosphere on the south shore of Clear Lake.

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It connects us with other people, allows us to express our thoughts and emotions and gives us a sense of belonging and self esteem. How many times today have you relied on your ability to communicate? Did you read a street sign or listen to the radio? Did you remember the way to work this morning? Have you used your cell phone today? Did you greet someone with a smile today?

Communication is more than talking. It is hearing what is said and understanding what is heard. It is producing speech sounds that are intelligible, formulating thoughts and sequencing words together to express those thoughts. It's remembering the words that you need to express yourself. It's reading and writing. It's eye contact, body language, signing and gesturing.

For the Child

The most anticipated moment for a parent is their child’s first words…but what if those words are jumbled or delayed in coming? What if your child sounds different from his peers? If your child is not able to express his thoughts or feelings, is too impulsive to sit still and listen to a story or if he cannot follow directions…Trust Your Instinct.

Your child might have vocal nodules, a stuttering disorder, verbal apraxia or phonological processing disorder. Hearing impairment or auditory processing disorder may be responsible for your child’s difference. At EC Speech Therapy we treat children with autism, pervasive developmental delay, learning disability or dyslexia. Coughing or choking during meal time may signal a swallowing disorder.

A customized treatment plan will be developed to enhance your child’s communication skills. Parents are vital communication partners in this process. Your child may learn new ways to pronounce speech sounds, reduce the rate or loudness of speech or improve muscle control. He may be taught to wait and listen more effectively or identify the differences between sounds.

For the Adult

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Functional decline may occur suddenly, such as following a stroke or insidiously deteriorate over time as in Alzheimer’s disease. Changes in judgment, reasoning, speech, reading, writing or swallowing may be frightening to the individual as well as the caregiver. At ElderCom we help you understand these changes and implement a plan to maintain the highest level of function.

We specialize in the treatment of speech language disorders which are neurologically based; aphasia (loss of language), dysarthria or apraxia (changes in speech) cognitive linguistic deficits (balancing a check book, completing a task) and dysphagia (swallowing disorders).